Video production


We at Lil Internet have been working with digital video since it’s concept. we have made 1000’s of films in most genres.

From documentaries, history films, advertisements and ecommerce catwalk video.

Video Production for your website and social media

Video content is now the norm on all successful websites.
Whether it is an explanatory video, product video, or entertainment video, it works on so many levels!
Video adds lots of other major benefits that helps your rankings and gets you seen on other major platforms.

Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo and even Twitter are major sites that love video. Youtube is now the second biggest search site for people looking for information.

Advertising & Viral Videos
But that is just the start, with our broadcast standard video facilities we can create television advertisement content for your website or social media marketing, be it highly styled, witty or demonstrative.
A fun, watchable viral video being actively shared on Facebook etc. can spread brand awareness exponentially.

Product Video for e-commerce shops

Video Catwalk
Video content is now poised to become the most powerful e-tailing tool. Within a couple of years 80% of all Web content will be video.
If you are not yet utilising the power of video as a selling medium you are losing out.
We have developed a system of studio layout and lighting in which garments can be shot for stills and video catwalk content virtually simultaneously. This will save time and money for clients and ensuring visual consistency on the buying page.
Nothing enhances the on screen buying experience more than this .It is literally the next best thing to physically seeing and handling the garments.your underwear?

This Video got 60k views locally for local pub The George and Dragon Belper.
Link to Facebook Video