Product and Fashion Photography



Your products deserve being photographed properly;
why make a wonderful product for it to be let down at the point of sale?

We are experts in contemporary e-commerce imagery, constantly delivering seasonal collections to many e-tail platforms.
Today’s online selling requires multi layered imagery and striking visual stimulation.

Ghost mannequin studio model shots and creative detail, editorial and lifestyle imagery and video all work together to enhance the buying experience.

A high calibre well styled model perfectly lit in a spacious comfortable studio is still one of the most effective way to market a range of clothing.
Shot against a seamless pure white background, with a sequence of views and angles highlighting a garment is a universal e-tail language across the world.

For years this has been our speciality.
Model(s), makeup artist, assistant and photographer all work to produce well organised and smooth flow of items which results in a highly economical package.