Local Search Optimisation


Problem! Wedding Dress Shop not appering in Local Search

Lori-G Bridal Shop based in Derby where not showing in the Google my business listings for search terms such as “Wedding Dresses Derby”

It seemed that all there competitors was being listed above them.


Problem Solved

When a potential customer starts a search in google or any search engine the main objective is to serve the searcher with the best possible result.

The search engine looks all over the internet checking other listing sites, other websites, for data about the search term.

This is called NAP. (Name, Address, Phone Number). It needs to be consistant across all of the internet for search engines to use the data.

If your NAP is not consistent but your competitions is they will more likely to be placed higher in the listings.

This is just one example of why you may not be listing well.

The NAP issue was addressed and a few other issues on Lori-G’s website and now they list No.1 in Google my business.